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Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Fitness Coach  |  Physical Therapist

Tel: (314) 749-9330


Healthy Cooking  |  Meal Planning

Individualized Fitness Programs  |  Physical Therapy

What does Julie FitSmith Provide?


Individualized health and fitness training with emphasis  on putting your health back in your hands. There is nothing worse than going to the Doctor and hearing the words "there is nothing more we can do for you". 

Welcome! I 'm Julie 
Health Coach and Physical Therapist

I am  Julie Smith. A mom to a sweet boy, Wyatt and a sassy girl, Clara. Full time Physical Therapist (working the 9-5) and Health Coach with a passion for pushing people to live their best life. 

Julie FitSmith was created to empower you to live your best life.  As a Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Fitness coach and Physical Therapist, I am here to help you reach your health, fitness and wellness goals and reclaim your power utilizing a mind, body and spirit approach.

Why Me?

Because I know first hand how frustrating and exhausting both the struggle to conquer overall health and a full time working momma can be. 

You might be hitting a wall in either area. 

You might have tried countless diets, fad exercise routines, read numerous books but nothing has worked. 

You might feel that you are ready to give up.  

If this is you, hear me out: Do not give up now.

You just need to rethink your approach, and find what works for you.  

I am a BUSY mom who works a full time job.  I gained 24 lbs. with my son and daughter and it took me 4 months to get back to my pre-baby weight.  I started listening to by body. I removed processed foods and  sugar and I felt my body change instantly, which was INSANE. 

Julie FitSmith was born because I believe it is every person's birthright to have energy, not to be addicted to sugar and to live the greatest life possible, because we deserve that and the people who depend on us deserve us at our best. 

I dedicate my work to my mother who was diagnosed with stage IV melanoma and was taken from us far too soon. The sad part about most chronic disease and cancer is that they can be prevented with proper nutrition and self care. When mom was diagnosed, it opened my eyes to how crappy our food is, and how broken our health care  system is.  I dedicate my work to other women so they do not fall into a diseased state of life. 

It is time you started living the life you deserve! 

Julie FitSmith