Burn More Fat with These Ingredients

June 3, 2018

Burn  More Fat  With These  Smoothies


Burning  fat includes  a good balance  of diet and exercise.  In terms of

your  nutrition, smoothies  are a great place to  burn fat. They often include  fruits and other ingredients that  help to give you energy and boost  your metabolism. Give some of these smoothie recipes  a try.


Mango  Smoothie


If  you like  mango fruit,  then you will  love this fun smoothie!  It only uses a few simple ingredients  and is very easy to make. Plus, it includes  multiple ingredients that help to burn fat, including  the mango, lime juice, and avocado. Don’t worry; it won’t  taste like a vegetable. The sweetness of the fruit far outweighs  the flavor of the avocado. Just get out your blender and add mango  pieces, a mashed avocado, vanilla yogurt, and lime juice. You can add  a little bit of sugar if you want, but it is not needed. Finish it off  with some ice or half a frozen banana.


Citrus  Smoothie

You  can also  use your favorite  citrus fruits and combine  them with ice and your choice of  dairy product to make a sweet, creamy  smoothie that helps you to lose weight. Some citrus  fruits that usually go good are lemons, oranges, and  grapefruit, but go ahead and use any combination of fruits  you have at home. You want to make it creamy with a little bit  of yogurt and some skim milk. You can use flavored yogurt like lemon,  or just plain fat-free yogurt. Add some ice and a little flaxseed for added  fat burning potential.


Berry  Smoothie

Berries  are at the  top of the list  for fruits that help  to burn more fat and calories. Strawberries  in particular contain a lot of antioxidants and  are high in fiber, which helps you to increase your  fat burning. You can make a simple smoothie with strawberries and  other berries, with skim milk, yogurt, and flaxseed oil. For a thicker  smoothie, add some oats to it.


Blueberry  Smoothie 


Another  version of  the berry smoothie  is one that contains  blueberries. This provides  a slightly different flavor,  but the same health benefits  of a strawberry or mixed berry smoothie.  Plus, blueberries contain a lot of nutrients  and antioxidants that make it a popular superfood.  Blueberries taste great just with milk or yogurt and  ice, but you can also add in raw honey or frozen banana  instead of ice.


Try  out your  own combinations  using these and other  fruits.



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