My Goals After Baby

July 1, 2018

I work out because I love the way it makes me feel. I love that I can run around with my kids, I love that I can lift (2 babies) at the same time (as my son likes to put it). I love that I can fill in at soccer games and still walk the next day.


What I don't like is getting to the gym and thinking about what I am going to do. I don't like showing up at the gym  without a plan. It gets me no where. I don't see results. 


Once I got the all clear from my Doctor to return to working out after having a baby, I made the decision to make a plan and follow it.

I knew it had to be flexible with my schedule because I am a  wife, mom of 2 and have a full time job. 


I knew it had to be specific to MY goals. 


I knew it had to be time efficient because I don't have long hours to spend at the gym nor do I want to be there forever. 


So here it is. 

✔︎ If you are looking for custom workouts to target YOUR goals, I have a solution. 

✔︎ If you are looking for weight loss, I can help. 

✔︎ Wanting to get stronger? that was me. 

✔︎ Wanting to improve your overall fitness- I can help. This is my favorite.  


Now this is where it gets even better. 

If you contact me for workouts this month (July 2018) I will throw in one of my favorite essential oils that promote weight loss. 


One lucky winner will ALSO get Panaway to help with muscle soreness- I am pretty sure this is my husband's favorite oil. 



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