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Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Fitness Coach  |  Physical Therapist

Tel: (314) 749-9330

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A Women's Retreat | Saturday April 4, 2020 |  McKelvey Vineyards, New Haven, Missouri 

Thrive is a one day action packed event that will deliver tangible tips, strategies and advice on health, wellness and mindset so you can begin to thrive in every aspect of your life! 
"Learning is an active process. We learn by doing.
Only knowledge that is used sticks in your mind".
- Dale Carnegie. 
Thrive is set up so you will not only be given the tools to change your life, but you will also be actively engaging in the activities so when you leave the event you will have a good understanding of the material presented. 
I quickly realized that I take massive action after I attend live events and this is how I knew I had to create this space for you to DO the work. I want you to understand that YOU are worthy and ready to THRIVE in your life. 

What is the Thrive Retreat?

Thrive is a one day in-person immersive training that will transform your mind and give you tools to transform your entire life. 
You will be led through different workshops with live in-person training in order to ensure you get the true benefit of each activity. You will be learning from myself, Julie Smith, PLUS I am brining in special guests who are leaders in their zone of genius to teach anything and everything it takes to THRIVE in your daily life. 
I wholeheartedly believe that in-person events are where the true transformation occurs. I have experienced this first hand and it is my passion to bring this opportunity to YOU. 
You'll be provided with:
  • Detailed guide on each presentation so you can take the material home and get into ACTION! 
  • Lunch, dinner, light snacks and beverages
  • Swag bag
You'll learn how to:
  • Identify the 4 pillars of wellness
  • Meditate and the benefits it can bring your life
  • Move your body through pilates
  • Make deep, meaningful connections with like-minded individuals
  • Meal Prep
  • Positive Parent (OMG... YES PLEASE!) 
  • Change your thoughts to change your life

Who should attend?

This event is for you if: 
  • You are a mom who wants an arsenal of skills to not only improve YOUR wellness, but create a ripple effect that transforms the wellness of your entire family. 
  • You are a woman who feels stuck in negative patterns and is ready to crate a new path. 
  • You are a woman who wants to connect with other like-minded individuals and create life-long friendships. 
  • You know a thing or two about wellness, but get completely overwhelmed when trying to put all the pieces together. 

Event Details

Thrive is a one day, in-person, immersive event with option for VIP overnight stay at the winery. 
Where: McKelvey Vineyards in New Haven, MO  |  When: April 4th, 2020 from 10 am to 6 pm. 
Ticket options include: 
VIP Overnight Stay
Enjoy a night away and stay in the beautiful house on McKelvey Vineyards property.  Space is limited.
VIP Shuttle
There is a hotel 15 minutes away from the property that you can get shuttled to when the event ends and you are done mingling with your new friends. There is a block of rooms reserved at the Old Dutch Tavern. Your transportation to and from the event are included with this ticket price. $154 
Day-Of Experience
Enjoy the day of the event from 10 AM - 6 PM for $125
Saturday April 4, 2020 Thrive kickoff 10 am SHARP! 
10 am - 12:30    Session A and Session B 
12:30 -1:30        Working lunch (lunch included) 
1:30 - 2:30         Session C 
2:30-2:45           Break 
2:45-6:00           Session D, Session E and Session F
6 pm                  Dinner Reception at the Winery (dinner and drinks included) 

Meet Your Speakers

Julie Smith 

I'm a mom who is passionate about self-care. I was born to teach others how to achieve health and wellness in the midst of their busy schedules. 
I'm a Missouri girl, mother of two beautiful children, and wife to an amazing husband. I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach who spends most of her days pouring into her own health and wellness and inspiring those around her to do the same. 
The Thrive event was born due to my love of inspiring, connecting and motivating women to live the life they were meant to live. 

Becky Noto

Becky was introduced to mat Pilates in 2005 shortly after the birth of her twin boys. Two years later she was drawn to further her practice and attending her first mat Pilates Teacher Training. Soon after, she began teaching her own mat classes. Now comprehensively trained, she teaches equipment-based group Pilates classes. The progression of her Pilates career continues to evolve as she now teaches other passionate practitioners who want to share their love of Pilates with others. Becky has been teaching in the fitness industry since 2007, leading group exercise classes including mat Pilates, equipment-based Pilates, yoga, CrossFit, cardio kickboxing, strength and resistance training, water aerobics and small-group and personal training. 

Nicole Schwarz

Nicole Schwarz is a mom to 3 girls, a Parent Coach with a License in Marriage and Family Therapy, and author of Positive Parenting for Imperfect Families. She’s passionate about helping parents use positive, respectful parenting strategies. She encourages parents to embrace their imperfections, learn from mistakes, and move forward. Find positive parenting articles, e-courses, and information about Parent Coaching on her website, Imperfect Families.

Destiny Klimaszewski

Destiny Klimaszewski, although young has experienced and lived through more than most will in their entire lifetime. At the age of 21 she became a childless widow due to a drunk driver. She chose to move forward to fulfill her family's goals and dreams. She chose to find joy again without forgetting what once was. 

Darlene Merz-Smith

Darlene, along with her husband Ryan, own Lucky Dog Farm in Wentzville, an organic and sustainable family farm. Along with the produce and animals they raise on the farm they are also raising two adorable free range kiddos! Darlene has always had a passion for helping others and for health which comes together beautifully to fulfill the mission of Lucky Dog Farm. As a wellness coach and community encourager Darlene is on a mission to bring health and wellness to women and families in her community through the power of plants. She fulfills the mission by hosting convenient meal prep meet ups and other wellness events at the farm. Taking her health offerings to the next level, Darlene is a registered yoga teacher and a partner with the Juice Plus+ company.  

Casey Garcia

Casey is a holistic momma of 2, riding the wave of constant change, while finding the flow and trusting the universe. She is in the business of people; connection, moving and healing. Currently teaching Pilates at Life Time Fitness, in Chesterfield, MO. She enjoys working for a luxury health club offering Pilates for rehab and mindful movement. When not teaching you can find Casey hanging out with her family, practicing yoga, cooking in her health conscious kitchen, Podcasting with her co-host on Zenma Podcast or exploring the globe with her retreat business Ananda Inward. Together with husband Mike they have created Wealth of Health, LLC on a mission to create health conscious communities. 

Sara Johnson

Sara Johnson has nearly two decades of experience working at the intersection of communications, development, and community engagement. Drawing from academic work in Anthropology, Environmental Studies, and Organizational Development, Sara's professional work has supported the missions and visions of business and nonprofit leaders. She's brought her expertise to a number of causes including: sustainable agriculture, green business development, public media, and women's rights. She currently works as a senior consultant for Sentient Strategy- A STL-based leadership development firm- and has her own coaching practice. 

Sara is energized by working with individuals and organizations confronting change. Her passion is supporting people and institutions in taking bold and decisive steps in a new direction or moving through growing pains with confidence. As a Co-Active Coach, Sara dedicates much of her time and energy to supporting emerging leaders and particularly women as they chart their career and life paths. She loves being part of visionary work that connects people with their purpose and helps motivate them to take action.